Keep Calm, I’m Making Changes

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This blog has been in existence since 2004, however you wouldn’t know it by looking around. Why? Because at the moment (May, 2013) there is no content left.

I have written over 2,000 posts ranging from the intersection of faith and politics to my own personal struggles and journey as a pastor to a church planter; music to silly videos I’ve stumbled across to pointless drivel that all these years later make no sense in or out of context. Blogging has been an outlet of frustration with myself, with the Church, with a state of affairs that is no longer current, and a painful, albeit too public display of my own immaturity. Nine years ago I stepped into the world of blogging without any real sense of purpose or understanding of this world of instant publishing. Today, I would like to believe, I have gained a better sense of perspective.

There are times in our lives when we all wish we could start fresh, times we wish we could erase the unseemly bits of our past and let only the good moments remain on display. In some respects that’s what I’m doing with my little slice of the internet–I’m cleaning it up a bit, I’m making changes*. However, this time around I am reentering into this realm with eyes wide open, understanding that there is a great responsibility to what is published on the internet.

I want to use this space deliberately to communicate a Christian faith that is beautifully complex, unimaginably just, and excruciatingly gracious. I will still write about theology and politics and how they intersect, I will still write about the things that I am currently chewing on, I will still write about what I believe matters and what I think will help move the conversation down the road, and I will republish the posts from the past nine years that contribute to this focus.

I hope someday I will be as deliberate with my Facebook and Twitter streams as I am attempting to be with this space, however because of the ease of micro-blogging and my impulsive nature I cannot make any guarantees. Perhaps someday that will be a discipline I will be able to corral. In the meantime I would like to invite you to interact with me here in this fresh space and, if you so choose, help guide me toward this endeavor on Twitter and Facebook.

* Please know that this isn’t an attempt to hide anything away… I just want to clean up the vomit so that when guests walk into my little sphere they’re not stepping into a mess that should’ve been cleaned up years ago.